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A letter from our founder

Covéla Lash Supply is the lash brand I have come to envision from my several years as a brand owner, who never really intended to have a lash company in the beginning. What I mean is, my first supply brand came about as a natural evolution of my lash journey. As an advanced lash artist who had educated for a top lash brand and become well known in the industry, I DREAMED of traveling the country teaching my own courses. I had met the man I knew I wanted to spend my life with, only he was in the military, so I knew that giving up my clientele and starting over with each move we made would be something I would have to get used to doing. Being an educator was surely going to be the way I could continue my passion for lashing and reach my career goals, all while being with the person I loved, who’s career made it difficult for me to open a lash studio or maintain my own clientele.

So, I started sourcing and creating products to supply my training kits with and when I received a certain batch of lashes and tweezers that were far better than anything I had ever personally used, I knew I had struck gold. I decided to sell a shipment of my tweezers that I didn’t need for students, and they literally sold out in minutes after sharing AND SHOWING how incredible they were to my followers. Word got out and before long, I was known for my tweezers that people just had to get their hands on. My waitlist was growing, my inbox was flooded, I started adding to my collection with lashes and adhesive and it truly felt like I became a supply brand overnight. 

It wasn’t the original plan I had for myself, but as an e-commerce store, it did allow me to be fully immersed in my industry, all while being the military spouse I desired to be! I decided I would run with it!

Since then, I’ve been interviewed by a top lash podcast, rebranded the look of my business (that still had my original lash artist name), I’ve hired and led teams of employees, started an informational youtube channel for artists, attending conventions and trade shows, conducted salon tours and held workshops for their artists, built out and moved into a huge warehouse that became our HQ and continued to grow as a top lash brand in the industry! It’s been a very successful, super fast ride! I never could have envisioned myself where I am now, having done all that I have with what started as just my lash business name and Instagram account, but I am forever grateful for the journey it’s taken me on! Not only did it provide me with the ability to become the supportive wife I wanted to be, but it’s also allowed me to be a stay at home mom to my little ones! My ultimate goal!

My unintentional lash brand taught me so much and it truly evolved me into such a better person over the years as I’ve learned from all the highs and lows. Throughout the journey though, I’ve always felt like things were evolving faster than I could keep up with. I’m a very intentional person and this has been one of the biggest things in my life that I never intend to be. I’m also a different person than I was back then. I’ve truly come to understand my customers and their specific needs and wants as I’ve served them over the years. It has felt very much like time to do things differently, the way I would do them now, if I was starting a lash brand from the beginning, with intention and with the knowledge and experience I now have from my many years of running a company.

Not only have I changed, but my dreams have changed. I knew I wanted my next brand to be a source of not only high quality supplies, but a place where all lash artists can come to feel welcomed. From beginners, to the most advanced artists, I want my brand to offer the products you need, but also the resources, the community, and opportunities. As an employer, I’ve always strived to hire people whose dreams I could help facilitate. Whether that was to be at home with their babies while earning an income and doing something that brought them value and growth, or helping them learn the beauty industry and investing in their businesses during their time under my “mentorship” as their boss. It's become something that has been very rewarding and has brought me so much joy through being a supply brand owner. It was something I felt strongly about carrying into my next venture, I knew there had to be a way I could. 

With all of that, I knew it was time to change the name of my business and relaunch in a brand new way! The name “Covéla” represents the journey that led me here. CO represents my time living in Colorado where I opened a lash studio, moved in with my now husband who I had taken the leap and left my clientele behind for, and where I ultimately started my supply brand. VE is for Vegas, where I advanced my lash skills by catering to a totally new clientele type and LA, for where I started my career as an esthetician and embarked on my lash journey!

With Covéla lash, you get a new brand that comes from someone who now has experience leading people, creating systems, understanding their customer’s needs, and with a desire to pour into those who support and follow the company. 

Covéla lash supply is a brand with two incredible lines of lashes that come in two different types of finishes, so that you’re able to achieve the result you and your client’s desire, no matter what your preference is. We now have many more adhesives to choose from, because I understand the various needs of lash artists all across the world who find themselves in unique environments. We have a more full collection of tweezers that serve specific purposes and many that allow for multiple technique uses! Our entire collection of products are expanded and are things that will truly support you in your lash business, no matter where you are in your journey. I’ve also worked really hard to allow for a lower price point, so you can have higher profit margins and lower costs for business! We have more resources, more information about the use of our products and the thing I’m most excited about, we have the opportunity for YOU to make money by sharing about the goods of ours that you’re already using and loving through our incredible affiliate program. Which is my way of doing for my customers what I have done throughout the years for my employees. I want you to have more income, which means more flexibility and freedom in your life, all while helping you build a successful business of your own!

I am so excited for this next chapter and truly feel that everything that has happened since the launch of that very first batch of tweezers has led me to this. To Covéla. I’m thrilled for you to be here!


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Noeme dang

Hi! What happened if i don’t like the tweezers? Can we return it? Cause I didn’t return session in the website. Thanks

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