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When to Use Semi Gloss Lashes and When to Use Matte Finish Lashes!

With Covéla Lash, we are so excited to offer TWO different types of super high quality lash extension materials! You cannot go wrong with either finish, but you may not be sure which one is right for you or your clients. I’m gonna break down our Semi Gloss and our Matte Finish lashes, so you can determine which is best for the result you're looking for!

You may be familiar with our Semi Gloss Finish, as they’re our original lash material. We launched these back in 2017 and they’ve been such a hit for so many reasons! The more slick coating of these lashes is what aids in super smooth, minimal effort fanning. They sprawl out with ease and never stick together. Such a big benefit to Volume lashing when it’s already such a hard technique to begin with. Our next reason for loving these lashes and why so many lash artists call them “faves”, is because of the insanely dark result they provide. You won’t find more jet black lashes than those with semi gloss finishes. They are not to be mistaken with a more “silk” type lash, which has a true sheen to them and often results in shiny looking sets. They’re not very visibly glossy, just enough to give you breezy fanning and beautifully dark lashes!

Our Matte Finish lashes are something we’ve had on our hearts to launch for a while now, as we know so many artists and their clients prefer the look. We are so pleased to have created lashes that come with a matte finish, without compromising on the user experience or the darkness of the result! With Matte Finish Lashes, you’ll provide your clients with a softer, more natural looking set of lashes. They create so much fluff and their tips will make people wonder if they’re natural or extensions! Whether you’re going for mega fullness or more textured softness, you’ll love these lashes and they’re sure to give you such a pretty result!

If you haven’t tried one of our two incredible lash types and you’ve heard the hype, click HERE to grab a Mixed Tray and experience them for yourself!


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