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A Breakdown of Which Lash Glue YOU Should Be Using!

Let’s be real, as hard as lashing is, one of the most difficult aspects is adhesive. Like, all things adhesive. It’s just such a tricky subject. Which is why I’m breaking down 5 of the most powerful formulas and which one you should be using, based off of your experience level and the specs of your lash space!  

#1 on the list is a long time industry leading formula, CLÉARE. This adhesive has  a humidity range of 15-70%, a temperature range of 68-75°, and a dry time of 1-2 Seconds. Which means it’s VERY versatile and obviously why it’s been a top glue in the lash world for a long time. 

So, if your space is not always consistent with its temp and humidity levels throughout the year, this can be your ‘go to’ glue at any time!

If you find that CLÉARE sounds perfect for you, but you just don’t love working with a clear glue, you’ll want to go with the identical formula that has Carbon Black added in, which is  BLACKÉ Adhesive.

The adhesive ÉLEVATE was created for those who find themselves on the more elevated end of the humidity spectrum. If that’s you and you’re looking for a moderate dry time even in your higher humidity space, you will really enjoy ÉLEVATE. Its humidity range is  55-70%, with a temperature range of 68-75° F and a dry time of 1 Second. As always, dry times can always be extended with the more product you use, to slow down the curing process. So if you’re an artist with higher humidity, but maybe you’re a beginner or just work more slowly, this will still be a great fit, you’ll just want to use more product.

FLÉXE was created purposefully to provide a little more ‘give’ for the speed of your placements when you also have a mid to higher level of humidity. This formula will not only significantly improve your retention, but it will support you in your craft by providing the flexibility you need as you work to create strong, long-lasting attachments. Whether you’re a newer artist or you’re intentionally more slow-paced with your application, this adhesive is your ‘go-to’ for a more forgiving, patient glue! Its humidity range is 30-70%, a temperature range of 68-75° F and a dry time of 1-2 Seconds.

SUPRÉME is just that. A superior product for the more advanced artist. It doesn’t require a more narrow or specific humidity range because it has the ability to adapt incredibly well in both high and low humidity levels and to your unique speed level. This formula provides long-lasting, flexible bonds and will ensure your attachments ride out the entire duration of the natural lash’s life cycle. You no longer have to switch up your adhesive as your environment fluctuates throughout the year, because it has a preferred humidity range of 30-70%. It’s temperature range is 68-75° F and the dry time is quick, of .5-1 seconds!

And that’s the breakdown of which glue you should be using depending on your space and your speed level! We know you’ll benefit so much from whichever of these 5 incredible formulas you go with and we’re so excited for you to experience the quality and longevity of your results!

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