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A Guide to Which Lash Tweezer is Best For You!

With so many tools and so many styles on the market to choose from, we think your lashing should be enhanced by your tweezers and your buying process should be simplified. This is a breakdown of some of the very best, highest quality tools you can find and how to know which one is best for you!

If you’re doing Volume work, you need a tweezer that is absolutely seamless throughout the feet, so you don’t find yourself losing lashes and feeling frustrated, mid-set! It’s also valuable to have sharp, pointy tips for piercing through your lashes within the fan to make them symmetrical, as well as for doing certain fan making techniques that require use of the tip. Your pressure should be mid range, so it’s not too loose feeling and not too firm. All three of these styles meet those standard, necessary needs, but their shaping is what you’ll want to find your preference in.

Covéla’s Volume Tweezer 100 Collection contains a 101, 102 and 103 tool that goes in order of thickness of the boot. They can also be used for Classic Lash application.

101 is our mid range offering, a style that put us on the map as a top lash brand year after year since it’s launch in 2017. The medium thickness level of the feet lend themselves well to any style of lashing and any experience level. They’re a great, ‘go to’ option!

102 being the slimmest of the three feet is best suited for those using very short diameters and getting closer to 100% coverage of the lash line. The thinner aspect will ensure you’re not overpowering a very small fan, think lengths between 4mm and 8mm, as well as able to get into the tightest of spaces when working on building a very dense, full lash line.


103 is the largest of the three, with a sharper heel and a more ‘L’ shaped angle of the boot. This tool is preferred amongst artist who work with longer lengths and higher dimensional fans. The bigger features are able to conquer any Mega Volume set or bolder, longer length result!

For Isolation, Classic and Volume work, you’ll find that all four of Covéla’s Multi-Technique 200 Collection tweezers will be super sharp tipped, curved for ergonomic, pain free lashing and with the perfect amount of tension when pressure is applied.

201 is a straight, longer tweezer with slim, slanted tips for precision Isolation work. If you have larger hands and/or longer fingers, you’ll find this tool to be a great option.

202 is a shorter straight tweezer with a slim lower portion of the handle, as well as slanted, super-sharp tips for precision work. If your hands are smaller to mid sized and/or your fingers are not as long, this is a great option.

203 is a longer, more angled tweezer with slim, slanted tips for precision Isolation work. You’ll find yourself doing less angling of your wrist with this tool due to the curvature of the handle. It also has the longest feet of the 4 multi purpose tools. Which means it can get a deeper isolation and allow for higher dimensional fan work when used for doing Volume. If your hands are larger, fingers longer and you also want to use it for Volume and Mega Volume, you’ll love this option.

204 is a shorter, more significantly angled tweezer with slim, slanted tips for precision work. The most unique in curvature, it allows for less bending of the wrist for isolation, as well as very comfortable fan making techniques. If your hands are smaller to mid sized and you want a great multi use tool, you’ll really enjoy this tweezer.

We’re so excited to offer this expanded line of tools after such high notiariety in the industry for our original three tweezers! We know that whichever you decide on, they will significantly enhance your craft and elevate your artistry!

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